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In this Catalogue you can find the annotated links to Catalogues on any one theme or category from areas: economy, industry, agriculture, science, art, culture, history, policy, religion, education, finance, banks, business, investment, trade, country, city, family, immigration, emigration, mass-media, Internet, computers, search systems, medicine, sports, game, acquaintance, entertainment...

  1. A1 Shareware Evaluations.  The Internets oldest software review site: the catalogue shareware of the software for Windows, Unix, Macintosh, OS/2, Novell, Dos etc. The user descriptions and estimations of a number of the programs Contain.

  2. 37 Search Engines. A search system allowing to carry out search on one of 37 most popular search machines. The plenty of the additional specialized searches. 

  3. The catalogue of sites on categories: art & culture, business, education, entertainment, gaming, home & garden, jokes, lifestyls, sport&rec, shopping, stars, technology. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  4. Academic Info Religion. A directory of online resources for the study of world religions.

  5. AfterPage.-Internet Marketing Directory. This is the place to find and be found regarding anything in the industry of Internet Marketing and Advertising. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  6. Agrorus. Agrorus is an interactive catalogue of agricultural resources maintained in Russian and English which reflects current state of Russian agricultural sector on the Net.

  7. ALIWEB Search Form.  ALIWEB - the oldest and cleanest search engine on the Web. The search machine of Great Britain for global search, keyword search, plenty of additional parameters for localization and optimization of search.                 

  8. CoalArchive. The free Cool Archive Newsletter contains great offers and opportunities, reviewed services and software, free stuff, featured sites, articles, jokes, latest updates to Cool Archive, and more. Subscription is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

  9. Angel of Fashion. The catalogue of web-sites connected to a style, fashion designers and models. Search one of the most concise Fashion Resources on the Planet. Sites that display the "Angel of Fashion Award" are some of the first Fashion Web Sites ever created. You'll find those and thousands more.

  10. ANI-Net. The Armenian national information network. The catalogue of Internet-resources of Armenia and about Armenia.

  11. Anthro.Net. The catalogue of sites having the relation to anthropology, on categories: ancient Egypt, culture, map, science, Web-dictionaries, Web-ring, demography, biographies, American indian, paleolit. Use the search form above to find links and references for anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences. The Anthro.Net database contains thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references. On the World Wide Web there are an estimated 250,000 sites that have content relating to the subject matter of anthropology. Unfortunately an estimated four-fifths contain little useful information. There are tens of thousands of anthropology sites containing redundant links to other pages that are collections of redundant links.

  12. Author Links. The links to sites devoted to the known writers.

  13. Beaches. Beaches of the world. The catalogue of sites devoted to beaches and rocky coasts of the countries of the world, grouped on states of USA and regions of the world.

  14. Beaucoup Search Engines. More than 2,000 search engines, indices and directories organized into categories: Geographical, Software, Computer, Music, Employment, Reference & Education, Family, Pets and Hobbies, Health, more... from Beaucoup, the exceptional way to search!

  15. Best of the Christian Web. The catalogue of sites devoted to christian religion. The regular thematic publications. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  16. Biblical studies site. The catalogue of sites devoted to study bible: the bible texts and translations; published in Internet of clause under the analysis the bible; the software for study the bible.

  17. BioChemNet. The catalogue of educational resources on chemistry and biology for the students of various levels of preparation.

  18.  Blanch. The Catalogue of the references to sites of restaurants, bars, night clubs, Internet-cafe structured on regions of the world.

  19. Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library. The thematic catalogue of the references on sites with educational materials, items of information on the educational projects specialized information resources. The basic sections of the catalogue: art, business, foreign language, history and sociology, mathematics, natural sciences, technology.

  20. Cactus and succelent plant mall.The cactus and succulent plant mall (CSPM) is an Internet resource for all growers of cacti and succulent plants. It is regularly updated with information on cactus and succulent societies and suppliers of plants, seeds and literature on cacti and succulents. The CSPM has developed and hosts webpages for more than 150 cactus and succulent organisations worldwide. It also aims to maintain as complete a list of web pages and other cactus and succulent related Internet facilities as possible. The CSPM is maintained by Suzanne and Tony Mace who will be pleased to receive comments or additional material for inclusion. 

  21. CampusTours. The catalogue of sites of educational institutions of USA with the direct references to pages of virtual travels in the school and campus.

  22. Cardiology Compass. A guide for navigation to cardiovascular information resources.

  23. Career Resource Center. Careers.Org offers a free and comprehensive career research and job-hunting site, organized by topic, that includes regional resources, expert job advice, career articles, and the best career sites on the Web. Since 1995 Careers.Org has offered thousands of links to the best career resources on the internet. Over 8,000 other web pages have links to Careers.Org.

  24. Car-Stuff. The catalogue of the sites about automobiles: spare parts and accessories, auto shops, rally and competition, tools and equipment, manufacturers, auto clubs, museums. The Web's Most Complete Source of Automotive Links.

  25. Castles on the web. The site is devoted to ancient locks of the countries of the world: the brief historical informations and photogallery, list of the books and magazines about locks. The dictionary of the specific terms. Chat about locks. The catalogue of the links to sites about locks. Castles on the Web offers castle links, castle photos, castle site of the day, castles for kids, free castle web pages and more.

  26. CGI Resource Index. The catalogue of sites containing CGI, written on Perl, C, C ++, with the descriptions of  programs.

  27. Charternet. The catalogue of sites devoted to sea transport  of various character, manufacturers of yachts and courts. The links are organized on themes and categories. There is  the ultimate internet directory for marine-related companies, with over 40,000 listings related to fishing, diving, sailing and boating. Whether you're planning a trip, buying a boat, taking lessons, or searching for equipment, the directory makes it easy to find what you need.

  28. Children"s Literature Web Guide.The catalogue of sites devoted to the books for children and the teenagers. A debatable forum on a theme.

  29. Christian Link.The catalogue of the references on  sites of Internet-communities of christians.

  30. Cinema Sites. The catalogue of sites devoted to art of the films.

  31. Classic cars. The catalogue of Internet-resources devoted to classical automobiles: services and dealers, Internet-forums and chat, clubs, museums, events, funds and organizations, books.

  32. Clocks and Time. The catalogue of sites devoted to an exact times and hours: museums, books and magazines about hours, manufacturing of clocks, sundial, exact times.

  33. CNET Download. The site CNET Download, included in the network CNET, represents  service to the Internet for loading the necessary software.

  34. CNET Shopper.  The site CNET Shopper, included in a network CNET,  well organized source of the information about where to buy computer products in the Internet. The site is organized as the thematic catalogue technical and software with the search engine.

  35. Companies Online. The catalogue of the companies of USA with the links to their sites. There is a search  engine on the site.

  36. Computer Information Centre. The catalogue of the computer companies, associations of groups of the users, on-line services of technical support, computer publishing houses and agencies.

  37. Consumerworld. The catalogue of the links on the sites containing the information for the buyers of the goods and services, among which a trade, travels, exchange news and Internet. There is a search engine on the site.

  38. ContestGuide. The catalogue of the sites publishing Web-competition.

  39. Cool Site of the Day.  The catalogue of the sites recognized as the visitors as the most popular sites of day in various categories.

  40. CornerShops. The catalogue of the links to the sites of Internet-shops and firms, offering various services with payment through Internet.

  41. Corporate Finance Network. The catalogue of the sites about the business and the finance: news, stock exchanges of USA and other countries, banks, technological companies, international trade.

  42. Delphi Companion. The site, which should be visited by each programmer on Delphi. The structured set of the links on the resources Delphi in the Internet. 

  43. Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics. The catalogue of the sites containing the information about diseases, unhealthy frustration. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  44. Driver Zone.  The catalogue of the sites offering for loading drivers. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  45. DoItYourself.  The catalogue of the sites connected to the maintain and an accomplishment at home. Archive of articles on a theme of home comfort and convenience. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  46. DVD. The catalogue of the links to the sites publishing materials on technologies and devices DVD.

  47. EarthCam. The catalogue of the sites representing Internet-camers. There is a possibility of search on the site.

  48. EasyScopes. The catalogue of the links on the sites grouped on marks of the Zodiac.

  49. Ecola Newsstand. The catalogue of the links on the sites of the electronic versions of the newspapers and magazines of the world.

  50. Editorial-analitic center.  Electronic library of the popular scientific literature. The electronic editions. The publications on a history of a science, engineering, power, safety, lighting engineering,TV. The express  information. Analytical support of information resources of the manufacturers. There is a Russian version.

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